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LiveJournal for 誤解される ... 生命.

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Monday, September 25th, 2006

Subject:no good title for this
Time:6:14 pm.
Wayne A. Battin, 88, of 14180 Baldwin St. Extension, Meadville, died unexpectedly at home Sunday, Sept. 24, 2006.

well thats a good reason to not sleep last night at least.

saturday i was out visiting shiva, and i looked next door, saw the clothesline and kindof went "well.. he doesnt need to do his laundry anymore.. or be without his wife"

heh, im crying but im not totally sure if its cos ill miss him, its partly because hes not alone now.. i didnt really think that i actually had a set belief in that kind of thing.
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Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Subject:new haircut
Time:2:02 pm.

stress = new haircut.
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Time:1:10 pm.
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Sunday, August 6th, 2006

Subject:like i needed more drama
Time:7:36 am.
Mood: stressed.
okay everyone that knows me very well knows im not in the most stellar mental health. im okay with that and accept it embrace it even.

i havent been sleeping very well lately.. kinda comes with stress. i finally convince myself to sleep at about 4; i have my music up so i dont get woke up by cars or neighbors or pam comming home or anything little like that. i lock my bedroom door because im parinoid and go to sleep... about an hour later i hear knocking. my brain being mostly asleep wonders if im just hearing things and shrugs it off for a few minutes then i wonder if i had somehow not heard pams parents come in and decide to stay.. not thinking that they only live an hour an a half away and they told pam that they were just going home after the concert. regardless i wonder if my music is too loud and i turn it down open the door and look around and noones there. i chalk it up to maybne the neighbors were being loud or i was hearing things and i lock my door, check it, and go back to sleep.

another hour lateri wake up for an unknown reason and -know- that someone is in the room with me. its still mostly dark and about 6 am. i roll over (and this is part of why i hate not facing the room in bed) and i see a man standing in the middle of the room.. all i see is a sihiluette and i kindof stare in disbelief that theres a man in my room for a few seconds. then i think that maybe its someone that may have a valid reason for being there so i asked him "uhm... who are you?" .. no answer of course.. why would you identify yourself regardless of who/what you are? .. so im half propped up in bed.. he closes my laptop lid on my glasses (thankfully not hard, or itd break the laptop and glasses) and i try to figure out what i can about him cos .. i dont honestly know what to do. hes a lot bigger than me, i didnt have anything handy to hit him over the head hard enough to have that be an option either.. so.i asked him "... can you please leave now?" he turned around and shuffled out my door, closed it behind him, and closed the basement door behind him too.

... i called 911 calmly told them what they needed to know, stood outside in my pjs till the poliece came and checked the house and the area with the dog. told them what all happened. they asked if i had been drinking or taking any drugs .. i hadnt been (hah not even rum.) they didnt find any traces of anyone walking in the grass at all.. didnt find anyone.. assured me that they arnt saying that it didnt really happen.. but that they didnt find anything to show that anyone had been there during the night at all. the basement door and the garage door were wide open according to them; i dont know if they were when pam left or not.

naturally im serously questioning my sanity... but if it was in my head how did my laptop get mostly shut.. glasses a tiny bit askew.. heh.. i checked my bedroom door after the poliece left to make sure that it does properly lock.. and it does. and i had to unlock it to leave my room when i was on the phone with 911. ... heh does that mean that my head closed the laptop case from 4 feet away? and if it does.. does that mean meds would help .. or just make it worse?

this is the second night of essentialy no sleep this week.. im trying to not go "see its been happening for awhile" because ive no reason to think that at all.. im just really stressed.. and rather confused and desperatly needing sleep. everything is locked up and like quad-checked and its fully daylight now.. so maybe i can sleep.. heh.
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Monday, July 10th, 2006

Time:11:43 am.
Mood: tired.
on the bright side.. its only 3 days a week. mondays might get intresting though.

monday :
freshman studies 1p - 5:20p (ugh wtf i dont even get credit.. and i dunno if ill go to all ... thankfully its only once a week)
fabrication 6p - 9:55p -- this might be an issue. i will need to alwalys leave early to be able to get home.. last bus out of the city leaves at 9:50

tuesday - nothing!

perspective 8a - 12:20p
computer literacy 1p - 520p

drawing 1p - 5:20p

friday - nothing!
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Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

Time:8:19 pm.
Mood: blank.
well other than the obvious .. moving went well. im still getting unpacked and need a few things (real cellphone included). i sign up for my classes tomorrow .. a whopping day earlier than the rest of the people just starting, but its still earlier. i wasnt doing it on monday and couldnt today. its weird, and feels so... not alive in here. its a completely new experience. theres no plants in the house yet, and i plan on getting a fishtank once i get a place for it to sit on. this is the first time ive ever been completely without a pet of any kind. before i got my first set of fish i had an 'imagionary friend', then markie, then 'nake, then molko, then tai. and alwalys a plant somewhere in the house... some kind of life other than just me at the very least. a person or animal. makes me wonder how long ill be able to go without a kitten.

my housemate is a wonderful young woman. she is in respratory therapy and is an intern at the moment. she knows when to comfort me and when to leave me be and let me cry .. even in the last few days ive found that out. its a nice comfort.

theres a lot of plans for this little house. and im glad that i am here and not completely alone... and i would have been now if i had an apartment.
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Sunday, July 2nd, 2006

Time:9:44 pm.
Mood: depressed.
tai died in my arms early this evening. at about 7:30.

thats all
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Sunday, June 4th, 2006

Time:10:53 am.
fan went out on my laptop so im reduced to using my parents computer untill my cooling plate that karl bought me gets here..

i went apartment looking this weekend, and i mightve found a place. rent will be 475 with the cat, i pay utilities. im less than a block from the busstop, anout 3 blocks from the grocery store and a shopping plaza (close to jobs and food) the bus only takes 10-15 min to get downtown.. very pretty neighborhood that is easy to get to..

found out pittsburgh has asian americian station too on tv .. if its a good deal with cable and tv .. i might actually get it (isnt that sad that one station might change my mind?)

ill be online off and on.
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Friday, May 26th, 2006

Time:4:44 pm.
Mood: pessimistic.

i.. desperatly need someone to tell me that ill find a place to live. noone has called me back. i have a week to find places to look at in pittsburgh (southside i guess) .. i get 600 a month for apartment expences because the fucking money from loans/rthe school wont approve more than 600. i have my cat. and im not declawing him.

.. serously i dont know what ill do if i cant go to school heh.. ill feel really fucking stupid i know that much.
maybe i can get my start date moved back to october ...

serously.. guys what do you think? i am desperate for feedback.
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Wednesday, May 24th, 2006

Time:2:37 pm.
Mood: pensive.

so..im in the process of getting all of my transcripts sent into aip. only a month and a half till classes start.

... im still looking for a place in pittsburgh thatl be reasonable (aka 500ish a month or less, preferably with utilities, allow a cat)

utilities, cat, 'net.. thats all i ask. serously.

right and i want this -lovely- little apartment in squirrel hill... too bad i cant get it till august.. so psh.. i dont see that working .. short leases are pootinky.. so heres hoping .. if im -really- lucky i can find one with washer hookups too

i called a bunch of places.. got answering machines, they didnt call back so apparently they dont want anyone to rent. two were non-numbers. errored out. ughh.

i think.. sence i got what was asked of me domne today... my ass is going to go kill sims.
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Friday, May 19th, 2006

Subject:90's .. hah i feel old
Time:9:59 pm.
Mood: amused.
Just because you were born in '92 doesn't mean you're a 90's kid.

It's not like you could remember the original Simpsons. I am sorry but three conscious years of the nineties just wont cut it.

You're a 90's kid if:

You've ever ended a sentence with the word "SIKE!"

You can sing the rap to "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air"

You remember when Kurt Cobain, Tupac, River Phoenix, and Selena died.

You know that "WOAH" comes from Joey from "Blossom" and that "How Rude!" comes from Stephanie from "Full House"

You remember when it was actually worth getting up early
on a Saturday to watch cartoons.

You got super excited when it was Oregon Trail day in computer class at school.

You remember reading "Goosebumps"

You know the profound meaning of "Wax on, wax off"

You have pondered why Smurfette was the only female smurf.

You took plastic cartoon lunch boxes to school.

you danced to "wannabe" by the Spice Girls, Females: had a new motto, Males: got a whole lot gay-er. (so tell me what you want, what you really really want.)

You remember the craze then the banning of slap bracelets and slam books.

You still get the urge to say "NOT" after (almost) every sentence...Not...

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? was both a game and a TV game show.

Captain Planet.

You knew that Kimberly, the pink ranger, and Tommy, the red* Ranger were meant to be together.

To the last sentence you said.....hey...Tommy was the green* ranger!!!!

*later to be white

When playing power rangers with friends you fought over who got to be who............and still all ended up being tommy.

You remember when super nintendo's became popular.

You remember watching Home Alone 1 and 2........and tried to pull the pranks on "intruders"

"I've fallen and I can't get up"

You remember going to the skating rink before there were inline skates

Two words... Trapper Keeper.

You ever got injured on a Slip 'n' Slide

You wore socks over leggings scrunched down

"Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack, all dressed in black, black, black, with silver buttons, buttons, buttons, all down her back, back, back" SHE ASKED HER MOTHER MOTHER MOTHER FOR FIFTY CENTS CENTS CENTS TO SEE THE ELEPHANTS PHANTS PHANTS JUMP OVER THE FENCE THE FENCE THE FENCE
he jumped so high high high he touched the sky sky sky and he didnt come back back back til the forth of july ly ly he jumped so low ow ow he stubbed his toe toe toe and thats the end end end of the elephants show show show

You remember boom boxes vs. cd players

You remember New Kids on The Block when they were cool

You knew all the characters names and their life stories on "Saved By The Bell"

You played and or collected "Pogs"

You had at least one Tamagotchi, GigaPet or Nano and brought it everywhere

You watched the original Care Bears, My Little Pony, and Ninja Turtles


Yikes pencils and erasers were the stuff!

All your school supplies were "Lisa Frank" brand.(pencils.notebooks.binders.etc.)

You remember when the new Beanie Babies were always sold out.

You used to wear those stick on earings, not only on your ears, but at the corners of your eyes.

You remember a time before the WB.

You've gotten creeped out by "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"

You know the Macarena by heart.

"Talk to the hand" ... enough said

You thought Brain woud finally take over the world

You always said, "Then why don't you marry it!"

You remember when everyone went slinky crazy.

You remember when razor scooters were cool.

when we were younger:

Before the MySpace frenzy.

Before the Internet & text messaging.

Before Sidekicks & iPods.


Before PlayStation2 or X-BOX.


When you rented VHS tapes, not DVDs.

When gas was $0.95 a gallon & Caller ID was a new thing.

When we recorded stuff on VCRs & paid $3.50 for a movie.

When we called the radio station to request songs to hear off our walkmans.

When 2Pac and Biggie where alive.

When the Chicago Bulls were the best team ever.

bill-nye the science guy.


gulah gulah island

When Toys R Us overuled the mall.

2 words...Moon Shoes

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Salute your shorts



Clarissa Explains It All

Rocko's Modern Life

The original never growing up Rugrats



Boxcar Kids

All That ... had the best trampoline ever

act like you didn't watch afro-king BOB ROSS paint trees on T.V.


smud and yak back. skip it and bop it.

Before we realized all this would eventually disappear

who would have thought you'd miss the 90's so much!!!!!

Your a 90's kid when you read this and smiled and laughed at least 5 of these.
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Wednesday, May 17th, 2006

Subject:school and moving
Time:10:35 am.
Mood: stressed.
fuckers need to post final grades... ugh


i need to get transcripts into aip, find an apartment... just.. ugh

-then i get to pack. im so sick of packing.. this yearly spring/early summer event is worse than any spring cleaning i cvan think of.

i need a stove espresso maker and milk steamer... and i need a rice cooker still, at the least. second hand desk would be good too. but i imagine ill work on the couch on the pull down table. .. ill see. i still need to find a place! ... that allows a cat.
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Thursday, May 4th, 2006

Subject:allergies = hell
Time:9:00 am.
Mood: drained.
been writing in seth's journal a lot anymore ransom_letter and some in withnolight so ive been neglecting my paid journal. any ideas how to fix this issue? im thinking maybe crossposting and listing what journal the post rightfullty belongs in.. (confuse people, but less confusing than it is right now) .. dunno im up for suggestions.

new art in deviant-art. slowly seeming to collect people that are watching me on there. its a good thing ... makes me feel like im good enough to be seen and passed on i guess.

going to be working on a drawing from the dream over in ransom letter today..

my allergies are attempting to kill me i think; or make me kill everyone around me. ugh ...

on a plus note only 3 more classes total before finals, and if i pull off a low b on my bio i still am in decent standing. *sigh of relief* a low b is easy. i can do that on stuff like this. its all review in theory eh?

i took what i thought was a multivitimin this morning, turned out to be a diet pill.. *still queasy* i took it on an empty stomach.. tch and didnt get food till 45 min later. im brilliant i swear. but serously thats why you shouldnt put pills in other containers with the label still on them. and it isnt like my pill bottle i bring with me to school. it has 5 different kinds of pills, but the tylenol bottle has a picture of the pill on it... and its pretty obvious that the pills arnt the same kind that belong in there.
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Monday, April 10th, 2006

Time:3:21 pm.

CNN: U.S. to consider destabilizing Iran

I think has some kind of stamp card. "Overrun 3 countries and install puppet governments, and the fourth one is free!" Watch out, France.

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Sunday, April 9th, 2006

Subject:cd delima partially resolved
Time:9:22 am.
actually! ..
i should get pictures/print pictures and make the backs of them or the fromnts of needed, into frames. and hang them all over my wall. but how to hang them without destroying the wall..
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Time:9:19 am.
Docteur Sang: happen to have any good ideas on what to do with cd cases?.. i have about 400 and i put the cds in a folder
Girl from school: i dunno put them in the microwave
Docteur Sang: no serously
Docteur Sang: ech nevermind. noone gets the concept of recycling
Girl from school: really when u put a cd in the microwave and it goes boom it makes a cool design on the cd
Docteur Sang: yea i get that
Docteur Sang: i have the cds i want the cds
Docteur Sang: the cd cases im wanting to do something with them other than throw thenm away
Girl from school: i havent heard of anywhere
Docteur Sang: anywhere?
Docteur Sang: ....
Docteur Sang: i didnt say take them somewhere
Docteur Sang: i said do something with them
Girl from school: i dont know sorry

anyway. anyone have suggestions, im all ears.
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Subject:goals and funnies
Time:8:42 am.
Mood: determined.
todays goal: clear off my broken desk, clear off the floor, get an alter started orginized.

those three things i think will help my general stress levels and mental health. ill be able to get to things, have room to ddr, and have a place for my mish-mash of religion things.

taken from a friends spamming <3:
Where do babies come from? Don't bother asking adults. They lie like pigs. However, diligent independent research and hours of playground consultation have yielded fruitful, if tentative, results. There are several theories. Near as we can figure out, it has something to do with acting ridiculous in the dark. We believe it is similar to dogs when they act peculiar and ride each other. This is called "making love". Careful study of popular song lyrics, advertising catch-lines, TV sitcoms, movies, and T-Shirt inscriptions offers us significant clues as to its nature. Apparently it makes grown-ups insipid and insane. Some graffiti was once observed that said "sex is good". All available evidence, however, points to the contrary.
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Thursday, April 6th, 2006

Time:4:02 pm.
Mood: stressed.
*stress* okay aip wants 100$ enrollment fee to freeze my tuition before it goes up at the end of the month. i remember giving then 50$ when i applied. i bearly have the 100$ an if i give them the 100$ i wont have anything left really .. ill be abl;e to make a little money from my art over the summer i think.. but ugh..

hah.. so whose intrested in buying stuff off my cafepress store if io get off my ass about it? :3 <3
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Sunday, April 2nd, 2006

Subject:lots of things to learn
Time:10:12 pm.
Mood: cheerful.
this is one of those "tell me about yourself" surveys; a couple meshed together.

answered in order of :

survey stuffCollapse )

guessing game; different orderCollapse )
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Friday, March 31st, 2006

Subject:shameless plug
Time:4:23 pm.
Mood: anxious.

slightly more updated store. if anyone adores something .. buy it (its my store.. money is good) if anyone has any suggestions that can be done for a free store suggest away <3

*wait for mom to get here to drive me to pittsburgh*

so anxious.
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LiveJournal for 誤解される ... 生命.

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